Saturday, December 3, 2011

Being a public enemy....

Ok! Sebelum apa2, jika anda tidak suka apa yang akan saya sampaikan..... Simply look away!
I'll be all fucking blown up in anger like you never seen if this, now what I'm about to write will be count as "office" or "work" related!!!!!

What ever happen dengan kebebasan mengeluarkan pendapat di muka publik? Penghargaan privasi seseorang? Dan pembeda antara fungsi seseorang sebagai pribadi sosial Dan pribadi individu atau personal????!!!!

I have a life, hell to the o!!!! In case you didn't notice...

Mengecewakan dimana satu2nya atau outlet atau channel yang kamu kira aman untuk nyampah, or just simply say what's in your mind without any prejudice now is also not safe...

For me? It's a violation of my privacy and personal life.
Things that I would like to keep it to myself. As my own... Just because of one individual's perception of me.....I have to spill!!!

It's truly a mad world...

Is there no more decency??

What ever happen to being a gentlemen and say something upfront???

Gone, I guess... Down in flame...

I probably defending myself... But isn't a reflection should be done both ways??

Im a person of strong value and principle that I'm very much proud of.
I can change... If you worthy to enough for it!

At the moment though.... You're not.
I think I'll keep being me.
You never know me at all...
....and please, don't bother now.

*footnote: tidak saya dedikasikan rangkaian kata2 ini kepada pihak manapun!
I need no approval for being myself and speak my mind.
Hanya untaian kata yang saya ingin "kirim" keluar....dead air.
nope! scratch that... billie brown was here.

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  1. whats wrong ? i have no idea but i hope everything is oke ...