Tuesday, February 12, 2013

just another pre birthday thoughts..

well...... *big sighs*

so much for me and my wisdom in life,
what i missed?

too many times away from my thoughts, i guess..

what a bitch!
all that nonsense crap about having to live our life. live while we're young.
guess what? life sucks either way.

i need a therapist, aren't I?

what is this person that i become?
sometimes i just feel like runaway from life, this form of life. it sucks. i feel like there really nothing left but on and on day to day daily basis and routine.
yep! zombie. that's what it is. that's what i feel i becoming...

perhaps if vampires are true (sooo i wished it!) i wanna become one, and then switched off my humanity, so i would feel nothing.
 just numb.

but you cant do that, can you?
if i only had the liberty or luxury to choose...... oooh what a beauty it is!

i guess i have talked about all this shit since like forever..
nevermind me. i was just lecturing myself, thinking out loud.
you see? i'm a self acclaimed uncontrollable, irrationally and unstable me.

dont know what else to tell myself to make me feel better...

nope! scratch that... billie brown was here.

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