Sunday, February 12, 2012

Leap year

Whats up world??
Yup! Still here... Barely.

There is a sense of changes in the air...
Heavy and thick.... just like my thoughts of you,, me, life, hope, changes.... and pretty much everything in between.

Its a breathe of new hope.
Have i mention it's 2012??

Alot's been said, projected and predicted for this year... But i wil not discuss anything that's not at all related or significant to me.

Call it selfish or ego centric of me! But hey! I have the right to... and my own reason why. Heck! I dont need to explain myself...

Leap year.

Yes, it is 2012... It's what struck me lately. Every turning or the earth takes us fourtly round towards leap year.

First sign of a leap year gou can tell that february's gonna lasts for 29 days thus rounds up a year to 366...

So, what's so special about this leap year?

Well, me personally... This year alone, leap or not holds a very big plans and bope for me.
Even if it's worst case scenario about the so-called end of the world?? I care only towards making changes in my life.

Puting my life in the right path...

Yes, lately i've been M.I.A out if this 'blogging universe',
I guess simple abd honest reason is because i'm trying to find myself. Real self.
Yes, both in litteral and hypothetically speaking.

Mistakes and wrong turn was amongst the things i dealt.

But i'm fine, to say the least...

Leap year.
Yes, leap...

I dont know if you familiar with the titled movie of Leap Year??

Well... I've done my research. And it is true that there is a tradition of leap year! The movie said that it was Scottish tradition.... Frankly i didnt care about the origin, just the idea of it...

Anyhoo... Tradition said that in leap year, woman can do an act of love, such proposing to the man she love.

Well? Awesome tradition huh???!???

It's amazing!
I just thought that it's an awesomely amazing way to say independence for women!..... waaaaay before the era of Destiny's child Charlie's angels song! #justsaying

Sooo, here's an idea girls?
Go ahead and ask youserlf this: would you??? Would you do that?

Do you think it's amazing? Romantic, perhaps?? .... or just plain stupid???

Anyway you wanna see it, either way you'll decide, allow me to give you a 'perpective'...
*cough cough*

we girls are raise with knowledge about boys, right? Romantically, as we evolve... We begin to understand, arent we?
Men are the ones making the first move.
If the like you, he'll call.
Perhaps, he will ask you out!
But.... Then, what?
Things didnt go as they say in theory, arent they??

You guess, conclude each and every little signs! Just like that movie 'he's just not that into you'-ginny??
I've been there.....

Love? What about it? I guess it'll take another session to talk about this subject, or have i talked about this before???

So, leap year 'suggested' that YOU! yes you the one to make the first move!
Stupid, isnt it?

Hold on for another perspective!
If you sure and it feels like 'love'.... go on then! But make sure he feels the same!
Is he worthed?
Does he make your geart skip a beat?
Does he makes you laugh even with his awful jokes and remarks?
Does he hold your hand?
Cant think of anyone else but him??

Just make sure that it's not crazy and random love!
Falling in love is great...
Just be sure that he too falling IN love WITH you.

Proposing is a bit much?
Well, maybe just a declaration of love, caring and affection is enough.

For those who thinks it's stupid and hopeless and.... well 'against' the rule of nature, hey! I think that too..

In both odd ways, i'm a sarcastic and sceptical person too, you know!
But taking charge and telling someone you care about is DEFINITELY NOT an act of weakness...

It shows that we're human, after all!

Thought maybe .... with us, it's different. We're not love like the humans.
With us it's forever - Henri (I am number four)

Either way, it's this year... Leap Year.

I'm still at the stage of figuring out if he's worth my love...

For the restless hearts, loving is comforting, but most of all.... being true to yourself comforts the most hearts... ;)

nope! scratch that... billie brown was here.

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