Friday, January 6, 2012

What I learned from Mr. Ripley

Ok... Ini antara penggalauan dini hari dan relevansinya dengan apa yang saya dapatkan dan simpulkan dari seorang Tom Ripley.

Malam ini saya baru saja menyaksikan, bahasa dramatisnya.... The Talented Mr. Ripley.

Yang bisa saya sampaikan, kesan yang paling 'mengena' buat saya dan yang paling menohok adalah fakta bahwa sekali kebohongan itu muncul, tidak ada cara kembali, tapi menimbun kebohongan yang satu dengan kebohongan yang lain. Lebih banyak. Lagi dan lagi. Hingga kebohongan itu menjadi hidupmu. Dan pada kasus Tom Ripley......

Those lies become his reality.

Lines are drawn, blurred and erase...
His lies bocomes his reality. And no more honestly or truth in his life.

In ways, Tom confuses about who he is, but is he???

I'm no psychology majored or a doctor whatsoever, but his defense kinda make sense to me.

No one thinks that they're a bad person.... We have our own point of view... (saya lupa quote yang sebenarnya)

Jadi? Ini kah justification dan pembenaran self concious dalam diri Tom?

Entah mengapa saya bisa memahami dia, apa yang dia rasakan, apa yang diinginkannya, ketakutannya dan everything in between...

Once you tell lies, there's no going back but making up another lies to cover what you've said or done before. This require a highly great talent and mind.

Because its extremely hard and excruciating to think of and made up new stories, events, name, person or places each time you need to 'adjust' those new 'reality' you created.

If you're a forgetful person, then it's an indication that you're not a really good liar :P

Tom was portraited in a very very ambiguous sex orientation... Which actually allows him to gain trust by 'seducing' pretty much anyone, male or female. Though towards the end, Tom kisses Meredith..... I strongly believe that he's actually gay and was in love with Peter.

This theory I came up in the way Tom kill Peter. Dickie was beat up in the head until died, Miles was also pretty much the same.... In my opinion (tidak mengacu pada teori manapun) ugly deaths and that style of murdering a person shows anger, while in Peter's case, he was strangle till suffocate to die. This shows a much gentler and caring gesture.
In short....


It's hard having that much of a 'talent', not to mention his unstable mind really fuels up his disorder behaviors.

Lesson learned, in plain most obvious language is that:

Lying is exhausting! Not to mention how you need to accurately connect one lies to another to cover the next and next...
and when it becomes your reality, then you're screw.

you loose who you are.
You never ever feel safe, always looking after your shoulder, afraid to get caught in the web you sewn... Thus, it's a lonely life.
No loved ones.
No reality to grip and hold on to.
No more peace.
No sincerety in your life.
No more you...

But why? Why would Tom do that? Doing every single thing he did.... Tortured himself to build lies and more lies, playing those roles, being everyone???!???!!

I can relate.

Rumput tetangga lebih hijau.

He wants Dickie Greenleaf life. All the money, wealth and life style...

But I said it again. I can relate.

If you were given the chance to trade your life to someone else's that's waaaaay much more better of heck! just to have a 'better' version of your life??? What would you do?

If you had half of Tom's talent, I'm quite certain you will at least consider it, right?

The idea of trading one's life to other is just beyond my theory! Because I feel that way most times....

But then again... Having your life, the real you is way more fun...more of the challenges...all the drama and stuff and good and bad things. All those laugh and tears. Anger and joy...

They're genuinely mine.

Sooo, I've had an ephyphany!

Lies, as good as it is? They will be ugly and bad... And if you're willing to exhaust yourself to please those 'lies' then you'll end up alone.

Chasing whatever you're chasing alone. Tortured by your made-up reality you call life.

Me? The truth will serves me well.
No more to be said.
Being me, as terrible as I am..... I wouldn't wanna trade my life to anyone else's.

Like I said, I'll say it again.

It's NOT a beautiful life, but it's mine.

More about Mr. Ripley.....

nope! scratch that... billie brown was here.

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